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Welcome: Phat Girlz R' Uz New and Resale Shop for Plus Size Women: Sizes-Large-6x Shoes-6.5-14

Do the word "Fat" or "Phat" make you Uncomfortable!!

Plus size Woman have so many entity of phrases or sayings; WE allow people too say "BBW" or "Thickness" or "Curvy" or "Full Figured" "Plus Size".  

 Saying those words " FAT or PHAT" is like committing a Horrific Crime!! (hahahaha)  in The Plus Size Community.

In late 2012 going into 2013, I was diagnosed with 3rd Stage Cancer!

I wanted to go shopping and cheer myself up, (not going to name the company)

I ask, the sales clerk,

Where is the Plus Size or Women's section!?

She Replied, straight too the back!.

Growning Nervous as Im approaching the end of the store,

I ask the clerk again; Where is the Women's or Plus Size Department/ Section! She replied, STRAIGHT OUT THAT DOOR!! I was Shock and Pissed off!!

So something HIT ME(a thought),

I said I'm creating a Storefront or a place online that a Plus Size Woman,will never Fill Unimportant or Less then Beautiful..

Then, BOOM!! LOL...  Phat Girlz R' Uz came alive!!

I realize you can't control a Person that Have'nt experience Issues or Disrespect as a Person in my Position,

Phat Girlz R' Uz new and Resale Shop 4 plus size Women, my Beauties Know this is R' Store.


Chubby Girlz R' Uz is our sistering Site, check it out!


Sizes always Start at large & Can Go up to 6xl- 10xl..

Shoe sizes 5 all the way up to 16!! (selective items)

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  • Very nice read, and thanks for the new websites to check out.

    Ms. Tall

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